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I am now on my umpteenth computer: First, the Computer Schneider AT; then, the 90 MHz no-name for 5000 DM with which I finally got my dissertation done; my first Laptop, an Olivetti with a bum battery - unfortunately, the company that sold the stupid thing went broke and I couldn't get a new one; then the wonderful Aldi Windows 98 box my son broke after many years when he installed some stupid Computer BILD computer game; my first Sony Vaio at work which was nice, but needed so many extra parts plugged in to be really functional and I always seemed to be missing parts of; the horrible Aldi Windows ME box that crashes at will and is relegated to life as a file repository; my second - and last - Sony Vaio at work that gave me lots of contact with the terrible and expensive Sony service and made me swear NEVER AGAIN A SONY; diverse Sun workstations in various labs; a Windows box I built myself out of parts to prove to myself that I could do it (and then gave to my son); The Norsk Data machines from work back in the 80s, with my backups on 8" floppy disks....; and now - the new Toshiba Satellite I am quite pleased with.

I make the mistake of making bookmarks on the different machines. And losing them in the next shuffle. There is the Web, but aren't bookmarks rather personal? The heck with it, I need access to my bookmarks at all times. The old list is dying of linkrot, so here's the new, improved version! No, it's not sorted.


ACM Classic: Reflections on Trusting Trust March 16, 2001: The Myth of 800x600
Lost in the Translation: HMMM!
A Berkeley Compendium of Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence
How to win arguments on Usenet.
The Chronicle: 4/6/2001: Grade Inflation: It's Time to Face the Facts



FHTW Berlin, Internes - can never find this link by sheer navigation, it is well hidden.
Vorlesungsinformation MMI / Jung
FHTW Köpfe
::: fest der moderne :::
TOEFL - FAQ (Fragen zur Anmeldung für den TOEFL Test etc.)
Klausurensammlung - no, professors are not stupid. We can find stuff like this.
BAföG-BMBF - Antragstellung - Formblätter übrige Länder

More Friends

Ecological Agriculture in Sweden, A short introduction November 1998 Arne's Papa

Das BeginenWerk e.V. Berlin - played Doppelkopf with Silke for many years
Jens Kock


Yes, I do a bit of genealogy research when I am not sorting link lists. I am most interested in descendants and relatives of Johann Conrad STAMM, born in Muddenhagen, Westphalen and married in Hofgeismar to Anna Catherina HEISTERMANN. He and two of his sons, Daniel and Johann Christian, landed in New York in 1802 and applied for US citizenship in 1807. Daniel's daughter Suzanna was my grandfather's grandmother. Please contact me if you have any information that might be relevant. Looking for the other side of my grandfather's family, Adam WEBER and Veronica VOIGT from Baden(-Baden) is like looking for a specific drop of water in the ocean. Do you know how many Weber's there are in Germany??
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
Oak Ridges Moraine Map
Ahnenforschung. Familienforschung. Genealogie. Ahnenforschung.Net - Das deutsche genealogische Webverzeichnis
Family Search Online Distribution Center
History of Butler County Pennsylvania, 1895x71-3
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Global Search
Genealogical Research at the National Archives
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Mary Kerr's genealogy
Hilfe bei Ahnenforschung, Stammbaum und Genealogie
Johann STAMM and Anna Catherina HARTMAN
German Roots : Online German Emigration Databases
German Word List
Title film notes ('Auswanderer, 17. bis 20. Jahrhundert')
Genealogy Data
Genealogische Forschungsstellen (FHCs)
Americana in German Archives - Subject Index
1895 Butler County History
Genealogy Links - Butler County PA Areas of Western Pennsylvania
Stadt Hofgeismar
Alumni Web Database - E. Jane Klasmeier



Pädagogik und Informatik, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Stellenanzeiger der FU Berlin
Joseph Bergin - Home Page has a wonderful idea - pedagogical patterns, based on design patterns. My favorite: the lazy professor.
2002 International Conference on Software Engineering in Orlando, Florida. I attended and enjoyed putting out the WOW. Unfortunately, we don't have enough travel money as poor FH professors in Germany to attend every year.
Interactive Programming In Java - Lynn Andrea Stein's revolutionary new method of teaching Java programming. I torture young students regularly using this very effective method.
MIT Faculty Resources - Reports

Interesting Stuff

405: The Movie - a very funny short film
Prime Curios!: 48565...29443 (1401-digits) I love prime numbers
ZingAlbum: Bombay Impressions from a student
FORTUNE 500 CORPORATIONS: I need this when I teach Web Usability. The students have to pick a Fortune 500 home page and analyze it. Quite a sobering experience to see how bad the pages are for companies with the wherewithall to purchase better.
Internet Archive


Java(TM) Sound API Home Page
Java Software Solutions Foundations of Program Design
Swing: Part I, About This Short Course
Program multimedia with JMF, Part 1
Program multimedia with JMF, Part 2
IVO D. DINOV's Home Page
Duckware - Multimedia Java Applets and Applications
Java(TM) Media APIs
java multimedia
Java Multimedia Cyber Classroom, 3e, Welcome
Interactive Programming In Java
CS101 Problem Sets
Logged Out
CS101 Problem Sets
J2ME(TM) - Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition
MIDP for Palm OS Java Programming for Palm OS [Mar. 15, 2001]
Wireless Gadget Tutorials
SuperWaba - The REAL Power of Mobile Computing
MIDP for Palm OS 1.0: Developing Java[tm] Applications for Palm OS Devices


American communications and media history to 1880
Heibach: Sammelrezension über Medientheorie und digitale Ästhetik
HTML code help - check tags and links.
Becoming a Flash 5 Master Radio Tuner


Prof. Dr. Debora Weber-Wulff: MMA I - General information
Medieninformatik Forum
Medieninformatik Forum


Pädagogik und Informatik, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Hucke, Lorenz: Handlungsregulation und Wissenserwerb in traditionellen und computergestützten Experimenten des physikalischen Praktikums


Check out how to combat Plagarism
California as an Island - Centerpiece
Plagiarism in natural and programming languages: overview and current technologies
CJR - Plagiarize, Plagiarize, Plagiarize..., by Trudy Lieberman
Das Plagiat
Howard reviews Mallon Nothing has been consistent in the history of plagiarism 01/17/02
Der Plagiator
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Plagiarism in Colleges in USA
Informationsmanagement und die Schlamperei in der Wissenschaft.
The Bedford/St. Martin's Workshop on Plagiarism
Forskningsstyrelsen - Udvalgene Vedrørende Videnskabelig Uredelighed
Ombudsman der DFG - Bericht2
GVW: Texte online - Textbeitrag.
SteFi Studieren mit elektronischen Fachinformationen
K A I R O S: 3.1

Online Bibel; Wilkommen!
Sinti und Roma in Deutschland und Osteuropa
AVIVA-Berlin - Start
ELLENs House of Design & Decoration
Reed Organs
100 Jahre Women's Bible
Familie Wulff-Heitmann
Pension Heltzel
Spielpläne HSC/OSG Freidenau - My son and my husband play handball for Friedenau
Franklin Regional School District
Crawford High School - I graduated from this place
Weagraffs in the First State - an old school friend
Parent Finders N.C.R. - my aunt is adopted and is searching for two half brothers
Utne Reader Online: A place in cyberspace where ideas and community intersect
Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
Sydalpin Kungsbygget - Danmarks närmaste alper - nu också isbana
Germany Info: Information Services: Consular Services: Citizenship - Staatsangehörigkeit
US law relating to dual citizenship
Immigration Law Newsletter -- US Citizenship & Green Card



Wie Mobilfunk funktioniert
Bezirksamt Tempelhof-Schoeneberg
Hessischer Landesverband mobilfunksenderfreie Wohngebiete
Alles ueber Mobilfunk, Handys, GSM-, UMTS- und DECT-Sender sowie deren Wirkung in biologischen Systemen: umfassende Information und verstaendliche Darstellung; Hilfestellung fuer Jedermann; guter Rat fuer Fachleute
nova-Institut GmbH - Elektrosmog
Mensch-Mobilfunk - Links

Useful Stuff - The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
Lesezeichen erzeugen [fahrinfo online Berlin-Brandenburg]
Query the RIPE Whois Database
group. Roget's II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition. 1995.
Tutorials - PowerPoint - Templates Main

Virtuelle Lehre

Literaturbroschuere: Medienkommunikation, Telematik und interdisziplin„re Medienforschung
Projektträger Neue Medien in der Bildung
Virtuelle Fachhochschule startet Betrieb zum Wintersemester -
Pedagogy for Web-based Education
MIT: OpenCourseware
eLearn Magazine: Main Page
Neue Medien in der Lehre
Electronic Chalkboard
Studieren im Netz
Peterson's Distance Learning
Welcome to E-learning Magazine
TTRef - Teleteaching Referenzsysteme und Service Center
Michigan Virtual University - Product List
Electronic Chalkboard
::: Virtual Learning :::
Heinz Hauffe: Langfristige Verfügbarkeit elektronischer Medien
Literaturbroschuere: Medienkommunikation, Telematik und interdisziplin„re Medienforschung
Projektträger Neue Medien in der Bildung
HPC Page - <center>Welcome to the Home Page<br>of the Web-based Education Commission</center>
Global Learning | Werden Sie Manager Ihrer Weiterbildung! | E-Learning, Telelernen, Telelearning in Online-Seminaren für die berufliche Bildung
Virtuelle Fachhochschule startet Betrieb zum Wintersemester -
Pedagogy for Web-based Education
TeamSpace - Teamarbeit, Aufgabenplanung und Zusammenarbeit
MIT: OpenCourseware
Studieren im Netz
Neue Medien in der Lehre
eLearn Magazine: Main Page


VFH - Studienangebot Propädeutikum Virtuale
Startseite Stefan Müller
Projektträger Neue Medien in der Bildung
Lehr-/Lernmodule der Virtuellen Fachhochschule - Projektarbeitsgruppe TFH Berlin
AppGate MindTerm applet demo running...
Studienmodul Softwaretechnik I - Shell

Web Usability

IJHCS 'Web Usability' - Benyon et al. [NoFrames]
Vischeck color blindness simulator
AskTog: March 16, 2001: The Myth of 800x600


Email Newsletter Usability (Alertbox Sept. 2002)
Offshore Usability (Alertbox Sept. 2002)
PIXELSURGEON interview : jakob nielsen
Umwelt: Studenten sind Öko-Ferkel - UniSPIEGEL - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Hamburger Kapriolen: Die Geschäfte eines emsigen Dekans - UniSPIEGEL - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Tarnen, tricksen, täuschen: Prof. Dr. Schlendrian - UniSPIEGEL - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Der Campus im Netz: Digitale Hochstapelei - UniSPIEGEL - SPIEGEL ONLINE



heise online
c't-magazin für computertechnik
Telepolis-magazin der netzkultur


Wizards of OS 2 los gehts
Wavelet Based Image and Video Compression - Dr.H.L.Cycon - FHTW Berlin - Portal für Vorstufe, Cross-Media-Publishing, Druck und Weiterverarbeitung
Linkliste VFK 1.0
Erste Schritte ins Internet
LERNSITE Erwachsenenbildung
Lerntheoretische Grundlagen
Buenting/Bitterlich/Pospiech - Schreiben im Studium. Ein Trainingsprogramm
Hauptteil, auf einen Blick: Understanding Hypermedia 2.000
EchoEcho.Com : Komplett FLASH kurs
The Visual Learner's Guide to Managing Web Projects
Vischeck URL
Chomsky Wahrheit Wissen Macht Krieg Herrschaft Lesestoff Schmöker besten Bücher
CGI Scripts for Educators: Free Perl CGI scripts for teachers and others
Suchmaschinen suchen
Localization 101
Microsoft Developer Network - Going Global
Lost in the Translation: HMMM!
Heinz Hauffe: Langfristige Verfügbarkeit elektronischer Medien
TeamSpace - Teamarbeit, Aufgabenplanung und Zusammenarbeit
The Sondersituation of Broacasting
Medientechnik und Filmgestaltung - Medieninformatik FH Rhein-Sieg / Web-Design / Referenzen sagen mehr als Worte. Individuelle Webdesigns von
BIBS Lecture: Intro to Computers
Edutech: Higher Education and New Technologies (Switzerland)
HPC Page - <center>Welcome to the Home Page<br>of the Web-based Education Commission</center> - McAfee VirusScan 4.x, 5.x and Dr. Solomon 8.x DAT File Update
DAWN - Front Page; 18 September, 2001
Swing: Part I, About This Short Course
The Free Builder Project - Java IDE, development tool, RAD, JavaBeans, Linux -- News and Resources for the Skeptical Citizen
BZVD: Beratungszentrum für Videokonferenzdienste
TTRef - Teleteaching Referenzsysteme und Service Center
FOCUS Online | Handy, PC & Co | Internet | Test: E-Mail-Knigge
AVIVA-Berlin - Start
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Universität Dortmund - Didaktik der Informatik - Aktuell
Welcome to Belkin - FireWire&#174;
VWI München - Doktor als FH-AbsolventIn?
Report 2 - Jens Fauser - s0310281 + Stefan Stallmann - s0309352
Praktische Informatik III - Internet-basierter Übungsbetrieb
Robin Keir's Software - FireHole
Welcome to E-learning Magazine
Lars Evensens hjemmeside
Camera Drivers
Michigan Virtual University - Product List
The Internet Archive: Building an 'Internet Library' - Spielzeug für alle!
politik-digital 3.0 - /netzpolitik/schule/index.shtml
Offener Brief: "Lieber Herr Steinmeier..." - Netzwelt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Cory Watson Crowder DeGaris Attorneys at Law
CampusSource ·
Startseite Online-Mediathek
Women- and Gender-Related E-mail (or Email ) Lists / Discussion Forums
Global Learning | Werden Sie Manager Ihrer Weiterbildung! | E-Learning, Telelernen, Telelearning in Online-Seminaren für die berufliche Bildung
Praktische Informatik III -Prof. Dr. H-W. Six
OCFA - Search Results
FIZ Karlsruhe and STN International - Databases in Science and Technology - Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Energy, Patent
Forums - Welcome
HACKER WHACKER Remote Computer Network Security Scan
Willkommen beim Landschaftsverband Rheinland
Das Ost-West-Woerterbuch
Netopia - - Welcome to Netopia
Download English Updates
Tutorials - PowerPoint - Templates Main
guimp: world's smallest website
BerlinOnline: Wetter
Initiative Berliner Bankenskandal
Fight Spam on the Internet!
McAfee - Virus Scan Download
Studienmodul Softwaretechnik I - Shell
CS101 Problem Sets
The Programming Process - alle Infos zum Thema favicon.ico
CLIÉ handheld :: Index
Read full story at
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Callie's Organics präsentiert den ganz persönlichen Kalender
Markus Junker, Urheberrechtliche Probleme beim Einsatz von Multimedia und Internet in Hochschulen (1. Teil)
EPIPHANY - THREE KINGS - had a discussion about why one of the three kings is black - this is actually not in the bible.
Die elektronischen Antragssysteme des BMBF, BMWA und BMVEL
Impressionen einer lahm gelegten Gesellschaft
Trigg: Ph.D. thesis
Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record | Sample Application | powered by InterLake
ktowes_CFUN-03-Presentation.pdf (application/pdf Object)
BMBF | Gender Mainstreaming