Prof. Dr. Debora Weber-Wulff Preaching Ideas

Zoom for Church

Our little English-language Methodist congregation in Berlin was just as badly hit as all of the other congregations when the Corona-induced lockdowns occurred. Since I have been experimenting with video-based instruction for over 20 years, I felt that it would be possible to do a streamed service. It is not the same thing, but better than nothing. Our pastor, Carolyn Kappauf, was quite unsure about this, but let me experiment the Sunday after Easter in 2020. It worked! And we even went to a hybrid service when the lockdown eased, and then back to online only when the next lockdown came. I've put together some of the "best practices" that we have come across, I hope they are useful for someone. 

Before I begin, let me share the motto of any online activity: Don't panic! There is always an alternative was to do things, and if you get panicky and start clicking all over the place, you will make it worse. Breathe deeply, and see if anyone can assist you with what seems to be going wrong.

Preparing the service

The first order of business is finding music.

The next thing needed before the service is the bulletin.

Double screen posistion

Getting Zoom ready for the service

During the service

Singing in the service




The scoring makes little wafers that will keep without refrigeration, so packages can be made and taken to members of the congregation. In this way, the wafers are all from one "loaf".