Prof. Dr. Debora Weber-Wulff  Teaching Ideas

Teaching with Zoom and breakout rooms

3/6/7/16/26 April 2020, 9 June 2020

On April 3 I taught a two-hour class, an introduction to Software Engineering, to about 40 students in Internationale Medieninformatik at the HTW Berlin using Zoom. Today I gave a four-hour orientation into the program to 30+ first semester students plus another teacher and the tutor for the program using Zoom. Both went extremely well, the system did not break down at all and we had good video and audio streams. On April 6 I taught two Master's classes with Zoom. On April 7 I taught another two-hour lecture to about 40 students and a two-hour lab with 21 students from the third semester Bachelor's with Zoom.

Didaktical aspects

Tips and comments from students/me

These are some general tips from the feedback I got from the students or my own observations.

Be brave, try stuff out, click around, and see what works for you!