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Participating in a virtual conference by WebEx


I was not planning on attending the Plagiarism Across Europe and Beyond 2020 in Dubai, but since it was moved online because of Corona and they were using WebEx, which I had not yet experienced, I registered for the conference.

<tl;dr>* It works, but there are many issues. If you are planning a virtual conference, schedule less talks and leave more time for discussion, as they are harder to get started. Longer breaks are vital, and having a published room for people to just socialize is needed. Also, don't make too many rooms, people get lost.

* this is computer science-speak for "summary", it means "too long, didn't read"

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the organizers had to shift to an online format very rapidly. Since they had already accepted papers, they had to fit everything in. Kudos to the organizing committee, especially Dr Zeenath Reza Khan, for orchestrating the whole thing! This is not a criticism of the conference, but a focus on the WebEx video conferencing tool by Cisco. We were around 40+ people at the conference, around 20 in the parallel sessions.

WebEx issues

I'm sure there are more issues, but I want to get this up and thank the organizers for embarking on this experiment!