Contributions to Mechanical Proofs of Correctness for Compiler Front-Ends


Debora Weber-Wulff

My dissertation has been published as Technical Report 9707 of the Institut für Informatik und Praktische Mathematik der Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel (Olshausenstr. 40-60, 24118 Kiel)

This site offers Postscript versions of the technical report, of the appendix (which is not in the printed version), the event scripts, and the computed parsing tables. If there are any problems with this site, please contact me at the address below.

Copyright and Warranty

I am so honored that there is so much interest in my thesis right now (April 2011) in connection with the plagiarism debates in Germany. Here is a version of the thesis in pdf: 9707.pdf. I've made a version of the appendix as well. I have lots of printed copies at home, drop me an email and send me 5 € plus postage, and you can have your very own copy!

I wish to publicly thank my mentors, Prof. Dr. Hans Langmaack and Prof. Dr. Robert S. Boyer, for teaching me what science is about. Langmaack taught me to doubt everything I write, to rip the arguments of others apart, looking for the holes. But most importantly they both taught me that we only rip the science, not the person. We go have a beer together, after demolishing the proof. And maybe over that beer we will finally see how the proof needs to be conducted, if my theorem is, indeed, correct.

My dissertation is dedicated to the memory of Kerstin Maaß.

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