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My brother Keith is an organist now working for the Lutherans in Houston, Texas... - He has started a Grace Note series there, as well (Radio interview). And now he even has a blog.

Welcome to the world, Kathleen Grace Weber (to be called Kaye)! Born on December 17, 2000 at 3 something am to my brother John Weber and his wife Eileen Pendagast Weber. What a Christmas present!
And here come the pictures my brother scanned in as soon as they were developed:
Kaye only seconds old - Kaye with mom 12 hours old - Kaye with dad 12 hours old - Kaye one day old - The happy family - Sleepy baby with maternal grandfather - Grandma and Grandpa meet Kaye - Kaye and Grandpa - Kaye in crib - Kaye and Daddy first day home - Look at those tiny toes! - Kaye and Daddy take 2

Kaye now has Suzanne Jane and Norah as sisters!

My husband, Reinhold Wulff in his favorite chair.

Our son Rade running the Mini-Marathon with 12 and with his very special friend René.

Our staircase in the apartment, connecting both of the old apartments.
When Rade saw "Prince of Egypt" he painted this picture of Moses parting the waters.
Here is a Camshot of Rade and Debbie - and my home office, what a mess!
Wow, my brother John has an official home page! Unfortunately, it is now defunct...... He used to play with a band called the Cryptic Void
My paternal grandmother, Mary Grace Herbison Weber, died in July 1987, but I have this nice picture of her that I used the digital camera to scan.

And this is an old picture of my paternal great-great-grandmother Veronica Vacht (anglicized as Voigt).

I made a little web page for my Mom for her 60th birthday.
Aren't digital cameras simply divine?!
Now this is my big little brother playing on A Prairie Home Companion on May 8, 1999 (link defunct). And here he is on a radio show, The Front Row, accompanying a singer in Houston in 2007.
Seems to be a lot of funerals anymore, I must be getting old. The funerals page has moved.
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