Prof. Dr. Debora Weber-Wulff Thesis Topics

What is a bachelor's thesis?

The following topics, more or less diffuse, are on my current wishlist (and are possible for IC or as the basis for a Master's Thesis area). In general, I am interested in web topics, data mining, privacy, Android programming, plagiarism detection and documentation tools, and E-Learning.

Real Old Stuff

Really old stuff

I only take about 6-8 students as thesis students, as I want to have the time to advise you properly. Please ask as soon as possible, if you are interested in any of the topics. I will also sign for 3-4 external projects, but cannot offer to advise you. I will now stop taking reservations, it is first come, first served. I find it irritating when people "reserve" a position, and then give it up at the last minute. I pay for this by having to teach an extra class every few semesters to fill up the negative teaching hours I get assigned if I do not take enough students.

Students who do their thesis with me should expect to come to my office every week with results from the previous week. We will spend time in a group on questions, and we will discuss in the group what you bring with you for us to read. It is hard work, but tends to bring results, i.e. a finished thesis inside of the deadline.

I have some links about topics having to do with writing a thesis.

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