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Fachbereich 4
Internationaler Studiengang
Internationale Medieninformatik (Bachelor)
Aktuelle Themen: Cryptography
Winter Term 2019/20

Web Technology: Cryptography

This course is an Introduction to Cryptography. It will try and give an overview of important topics in the area of Cryptography, looking both at the mathematical basis and the computing aspects of the topic. It will be taught in English and in German by Prof. Dr. Debora Weber-Wulff, (who will be doing the computing part) and Dr. Hermann Thiel (who will be handling the mathematics).

Cryptography is an extremely broad field, and has been under intense discussion during the past years as we have come to realize that various national spying organizations have been collecting and evaluating massive amounts of data that many of us consider to be private. It is imperative that people understand how to use cryptography to keep private data private.

We cannot cover everything, most especially not the equally important aspect of security, so we be selecting specific topics to be looking at in this course. We want you to understand how cryptography and cryptoanalysis work and give you some experience in using cryptographic systems. We will also have a closer look at some cryptographic applications, such as the eID and Bitcoin.

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