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Fachbereich 4
Internationaler Studiengang
Medieninformatik (Master)
Didaktics of Media
Winter Term 2019/20

Didaktics of Media

General information

Welcome to the Web Technology focus of the Master's program in International Media and Computing! Since eLearning, edutainment, OERs and MOOCs (whatever they are) are such a large part of learning media that are produced today, we will be looking at various aspects of web-based instruction.

This course is very different from courses you have taken in your Bachelor's program. I don't stand up and tell you what to think, we don't just read a book together and discuss it. Here we will be investigating various topics in the area of didaktics (I will explain my spelling the first week) and you will be called on to experience eLearning yourself, to look for information, and to discuss your results in class. I want to prepare you for your Master's Thesis, which will be much more of an individual research thesis than your Bachelor's thesis was.

The class meets Monday afternoons in C 537. Sessions will be 3 hours every weeks, starting at 14:00 and running to 16:30.

We will be using a collaboration room in Moodle for parts of this course. You can use your HTW account to log in, if you are registered for this course in LSF you should already be able to access the room.


The following activites will contribute to your grade

The exam will be taken in Moodle. Moodle will choose a selection of questions for the exam. Every student will have a different exam, so it will not help to sit next to each other and peek at your neighbor! The exam will be taken on-line (but in a lab) on February 3, 2020, 14:00–15:30, with a discussion afterwards.

The number of points earned will result in a final grade according to the grading scale. You will note that the points listed above add up to 103 points. 95 are sufficient for a 1,0 in this course.

Taking eLearning units

I have a list of potential eLearning units available, you are encouraged to find additional units on any topics that interest you. This can include video-based, audio-based, or any sort of online instructional unit. The unit should represent approximately 90 minutes of learning.

You need to fill out a special form with your report (in addition to what you note in your learning diary, which will perhaps be more detailed) and upload it to Moodle by the beginning of class the evening before the class, and present it to the class (approx. 8 5 minutes) during one of our sessions. We will discuss the experiences that you had using the units. You are to choose at least three of the presentations and give your fellow student feedback on the presentation and report. You get one point for each feedback you give your peers up to 4 and 0-4 points assigned by me.


I am generally only available by email (but tend to answer at all hours of the day or night). You can reach me at – and do not hesitate to do so if you have a personal question.

There is a forum in Moodle called "Official news" – this is for announcements to the entire group and I force everyone to be subscribed to this. There is also a forum "Questions and Discussions" – please address questions (and answers!) about this course to this forum only, as we have people from different semesters taking the course.

My social bookmarking is done on Pinboard, there are various tags there that you may find useful. I tweet at WeWuWiWo, occasionally I post eLearning links there.


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